This is the blog for james hill architect, a San Francisco based West coast architectural firm.  Here we hope to relax and expand into more subjective material, beyond the limitations of our office website and our portfolio of work, to delve into our more personal interests in cities, buildings, landscapes, maybe bicycling and, more grandly, in an architecture that nurtures and supports our connections to the local and global community.  We’ve collected here pictures that tell stories themed around the subjects of architecture and its involvement with memory, history, modern life, simplicity, comfort, light and street life. We find more and more we return to the subject of how and what we choose to remember.

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  1. This blog is soooooooo good. The writing is pitch perfect. Engaging on both professional and client levels. Love our masthead on top… it makes me proud. You had a real colorist working with you. Really like these all caps bold heads. Thank goodness they were available for your project… and I don’t see everyone using them. Your pages look fresh, and I enjoy that you took most of the pix on journeys of passion.

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