The classic farmhouse form of this gold rush era home can be described in a few words: a gable house wrapped by a porch.

The two shapes, gable and porch, can be described with hand gestures. The shape is simple and common, lodged in our shared memory and dreams. Its commonness confirms its comfortable familiarity and borrows from past associations with similar homes, with farms, porch swings.

The geometric shapes are simple, but they have gathered emotional weight. Because of their simplicity and despite their nostalgia, they remain practical, an effective shelter from sun and rain.

The snow outlines the simple roof forms of the Pattison Lake Residence pictured here during construction. Sited at the end of the road leading to the lake, the home seems familiar as if remembered, its deep porches, welcoming. The simplicity of the form allows easy recollection.  It’s practicality ensures its endurance.  One can easily imagine living here, because it is easy.

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